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  1. All Shows

    Here you can find all the TV Shows.

  2. Your Shows

    For Registered Users Only: Here you can find all the TV Shows you have watched recently. This is a smart list which keeps track of your shows and allows you to easily find the latest watched episode of any show.

    Below is an example screenshot, the green progress bars indicate that the episodes are completely watched and blue shows that half of the episode is watched.

  3. Smart Search

    If you are looking for any episode of any show simply search for it. For example if you need to find episode 10 of american story, just type "American Story 10" or just some letters "Amer St 10"

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Registered users will have a totally different viewer experience by having free personalized progress trackers on each show they watch. These trackers will provide a convenient display of the latest viewed episodes with minute trackers that display the viewing progress. This will allow you to easily continue watching the videos from the exact moment that the video was stopped.

Below is a sample screenshot, where the user has already watched episodes 204-208 and a part of episode 209 (10 minutes). When the user clicks on episode 209, the video will automatically resume from the 10th minute.

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